Should You Take Tyrosine on an Empty Stomach?

Part of getting your weight under control is making sure that you’re not depressed. People suffering from depression tend to exercise less and be withdrawn and may binge eat in an attempt to alleviate their depression. Tyrosine and phenylalanine are two amino acids that help many people improve their depression. And while most instructions say… Read More »

HCG Sublingual Drops for Weight Loss

hcg drops

Once you find the kind of HCG you want to take, you can start on your HCG weight loss plan. HCG sublingual drops are recommended due to the high cost and safety concerns surrounding injectable HCG. Types of HCG HCG is available in both injectable and homeopathic form. The advantages of homeopathic administration are many:… Read More »

Is Low Caffeine or Decaffeinated Yerba Mate Available?

Is Low Caffeine or Decaffeinated Yerba Mate Available?

The amount of caffeine in a glass of Yerba Mate is somewhere between tea and coffee. This can be a problem for some people who are sensitive to caffeine. The biggest brand of Yerba Mate in the US, Guayaki, doesn’t offer a low or decaffeinated Yerba Mate blend. To find our desired targets, we’ll have… Read More »

Do I Have IBS or Something Else?


Many people might think their digestive disturbance is IBS-related, even though there are many stomach maladies that share similar symptoms to IBS. If you have some kind of distress or irregularity in your bowels (anything from going too much / too little to mucus or blood in the stools), it’s usually best to consult your… Read More »