HCG Sublingual Drops for Weight Loss

Once you find the kind of HCG you want to take, you can start on your HCG weight loss plan. HCG sublingual drops are recommended due to the high cost and safety concerns surrounding injectable HCG.

Types of HCG

HCG is available in both injectable and homeopathic form. The advantages of homeopathic administration are many:hcg drops

  • They are more convenient. There’s no dealing with needles and the resulting storage of biohazard waste.
  • HCG drops are much less expensive than injectable vials of HCG.
  • HCG homeopathic drops are easier to administer compared to injectable HCG. HCG drops are held under the tongue for approximately 30 seconds before being swallowed.
  • Injectable HCG carries the risk of infection whenever a shot is administered. To be totally safe, the shots need to be medically supervised which only adds to the cost of the HCG treatment regimen.
  • HCG drops they are more affordable and have been found to be as effective as HCG injections.

HCG drops are an ideal and simple way to get the HCG you need to help achieve your weight loss goals. The homeopathic HCG drops are made using small amounts of HCG that is continually diluted until an energy signature frequency of HCG is all that remains. If you’re taking other medications, they generally will not interfere with HCG homeopathic drops.

The Dangers of Obesity

There are some disorders often associated with obesity. The ones where obesity tends to play an aggravating role include the following:

  • diabetes & gout
  • rheumatism and arthritis
  • coronary heart disease and high blood pressure
  • cerebral hemorrhage

The HCG Diet

The first two days on the diet are considered loading days: You eat as much sugar, fat and starchy foods as possible. This is to prepare your body to be more conducive to the HCG diet by building up your fat stores in preparation for allowing them to be tapped by the increased growth hormone during the diet.

The next stage starts at day 3 and is when you begin the 500-calorie diet that you will continue for 23 days. This is where you restrict your calories to help your body transition to tapping into your fat stores. This period of calorie restriction is aided by the fact that HCG is a natural appetite suppressant, so you will have help keeping your calories below 500. After 23 days of 500 calories, you then transition back to your normal diet.

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